Growing up in a medical family and as a Registered Nurse myself, I was never taught how to prevent disease – our training and focus in modern “healthcare” was only on treating disease. It is now one of the greatest thrills of my life to continually learn about and teach God’s design for our wellness! I am honored to help educate and mentor hundreds of families on how to experience vibrant, transformational wellness!

You’ll see that my focus is on the whole person – locally sourcing nourishing, nutrient-dense food, using chemical-free lifestyle products, reducing stress, applying God’s essential oils and changing our thought patterns are some of the biggest parts of my consistent messaging. If you are hungry to be well, we are going to have lots of fun together!

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When David was dealing with amnesia, I was extremely grateful to have access to natural tools to support his brain health.
His thinking and cognition were crystal clear during that time, and I know so much of that clarity can be attributed to the supplements
and diet and lifestyle changes we made to support his brain.
I developed a “Brain Breakthrough Protocol” to help support David during and after that season. 

Saying “yes” to Young Living also took us on an entrepreneurial journey that eventually allowed me to quit my job as an RN and come home full time to be with my family. The business option, generous income and thriving community we’ve gotten to experience have been some of the biggest blessings of our life! There’s room at the table for you if you’re ready to explore another income stream, while helping families upgrade their health and wellness!